I took this photo with the notion of Spring, plus it’s always nice to have some flowers in the house in wintertime.  I ran the photo through Lightroom to tweak a bit, then imported to PSE9 and used Kim’s squared texture on normal @ 56 opacity used a masking layer to brush off the flowers , then I used a Flypaper texture with the same settings I used on Kim’s.  I always like to make a copy of the background and bring that layer to the top and then bring the opacity down to around 25 on the normal setting.  After flattening the layers I desaturatedImage just a tad.

Week 2 assignment – 6 words to describe yourself. Only 6 ! Well lets see, I did come up with a few contenders. But for the final 6 I decided to just break myself down to the absolute basics. And this is what I got.

Vintage lover, picture taker, slightly hipster.

Photo to follow. Give me a couple days, because I am also slightly a bit of a procrastinator.

To begin with I need to start this blog, in order to document my 52 weeks of  Art full Inspiration with Kim Klassen. It looks to be a delightful year of photos and self discovery! Week 1 began with a simple assignment. Keep the photo simple with added layers. Part two of the assignment, and for me, the not so simple task of writing a story of one’s self. Got the photos done BOOM! Still working on the story.